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Knoxville Courtroom 3A

Primary Courtroom: 
United States Magistrate Jill E. McCook

Technical Information

This courtoom also has attorney laptop interface, large video monitor for jury and monitors installed in the jury box. Video to be played in the courtroom must be a standard NTSC MPEG-2 DVD or Blu-Ray. Video can also be played from an attorney's personal laptop, provided it has a VGA or HDMI output for connecting it to the courtroom evidence presentation system. If using a laptop, please be sure your video or audio plays properly and the screen resolution is set to 1080p or less. You should also know how to switch your laptop over to external output (as you would use with a projector).

Note: Additional monitors can be provided for courtroom use. Request should be made to the Courtroom Deputy in advance of the court date.

The following are not permitted in the courtroom: Cellular phones, pagers, radios, cameras, camcorders/video recorders, tape recorders.