Public Outreach and Education

Chief Judge Thomas A. Varlan formed a Community Outreach Committee in 2013 to coordinate and facilitate programs promoting education of the Courts and community service to the 41 counties and their citizens that make up the Eastern District of Tennessee. Below are links to educational resources, contact information, and photos with information about prior outreach activities.

Community Outreach Programs Committee

Committee Members

  • Senior District Judge Curtis L. Collier
  • Magistrate Judge C. Clifford Shirley
  • Debra C. Poplin, Clerk of Court
  • Janet M. Jackson, Outreach Coordinator
  • Barbara Lewis, Chattanooga Representative
  • Leah Cassanego, Greeneville Representative
  • Brooke Ramsey, Knoxville Representative

  • Community Outreach Programs - Brochure
  • Education Outreach

    Knox County Schools Leadership Academy
    Joe Jarrett, who teaches an Education Law course on behalf of the Knox County Schools Leadership  read more...
    LMU Duncan School of Law - Moot Court
    Judge Reeves presided over "moot court" conducted by the LMU Duncan School of Law Advanced  read more...
    Knoxville Naturalization Ceremony
    U.S. District Judge Pamela L. Reeves and U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Suzanne H. Bauknight presided over two  read more...
    Howard Baker Public Policy Challenge 2016
    Judge Pamela L. Reeves served on a panel of judges for the Public Policy Challenge.   read more...
    Constitution Day 2014
    September 12, 2014 - Over 150 students participated in Constitution Day activities presented by the Chattanooga  read more...
    Magistrate Judge Inman - Presentation to Boy Scout Troop at White Pine, March 21 2013
    Using outreach slide show presentation (or handouts) to tell the scouts (12-15 scouts) and 3 adult  read more...

    Community Service Outreach