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  • CJA Panel Attorney, eVoucher Go Live
  • Preliminary Draft of Proposed Amendments to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and the Federal Rules of Evidence
  • Reassignment of Cases Assigned to Magistrate Judge Carter
  • Reassignment of Cases Assigned to Magistrate Judge Inman
  • Order: Hamilton County Commission Prayer Case
  • Notice: Local Rule 83.1, Electronic Devices
  • Responses to Motions Filed as a Result of Amendment 782 to the Sentencing Guidelines
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  • Expert and Other Services: Appendix 3a, Advance Authorization for Excess Fees09/29/2015
  • Transcript Order Form for Courtroom Audio (not for use by CJA attorneys)(AO-435)07/30/2015
  • Electronic Device Agreement (Local Rule 83.1)06/17/2015
  • Local Rules PDF Version06/05/2015
  • Community Outreach Programs - Brochure05/27/2015
  • Historical Society News Memo, 03/201504/13/2015
  • CJA 20 Voucher Payment Procedures03/25/2015
  • Expert and Other Services: CJA 21 and CJA 31 Information03/25/2015
  • The Eastern District of Tennessee is one of 94 federal court districts in the United States. Each district operates separately. Our district has jurisdiction in 41 East Tennessee counties, reaching generally from Bristol on the north to Chattanooga on the south.

    There are four divisions of the Eastern District of Tennessee, and we have offices in each of those divisions, at Greeneville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Winchester. The Knoxville office serves as the headquarters for the district.

    The nine districts in the states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan make up the Sixth Circuit. There are 13 circuits in the United States Court system.