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    Today's Court Calendar

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    Knoxville Greeneville Chattanooga/Winchester
    File Created: April 18, 2014, 6:50:14 pm 1397826000 Fri Apr 18, 2014 9am
    9:30 am CLC SC 1:13-CV-317 PELHAM V. CITY OF EAST RIDGE
    10:30 am CLC SC 1:13-CV-123 HUTCHESON V. ONEBEACON
    11:00 am CLC SC 1:13-CV-254 JOHNSON V. BUDDY'S BBQ
    11:00 am IA/ARR 3:14CR48 US V. ANGELA DAVIS - SHIRLEY
    1:30 pm SKL HRG PET PT REL JOHNNY WALKER 4:14-CR-1 (Kelli/Shannan)
    2:00 pm CLC SC 1:13-CV-288 GARNER V. TVA
    2:30 pm CLC SC 1:13-CV-168 ELY V. DAYTON, TN
    2:30 pm CLCSC 1:13-CV-170 TUCKIER V. DAYTON