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    Today's Court Calendar

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    Knoxville Greeneville Chattanooga/Winchester
    File Created: October 30, 2014, 11:50:04 am 1414674000 Thu Oct 30, 2014 9am
    9:00 am JURY T. (Day 3) 2:11CV127 BEASLEY V SSC NEWPORT OPERATING CO.-JORDAN (K'ville)(M&M)
    9:15 am 2:14-CR-90(DHI)MOT HRG- ROBERTO PERDOMO
    9:15 am 2:14CR96(DHI)MOT HRG-BYRON F. DAILEY
    9:30 am 2:14CR5050(DHI)IA/REV- MICHAEL SICILIA
    10:00 am IA/ARR 3:14CR128 US V. EDWARD GUY - GUYTON (writ)(FD B. Hutson)
    10:00 am SENT 3:12-CR-90-06 USA V DONA RECTOR -VARLAN(TV3)
    10:30 am (to be reset) COP: 3:14-CR-94(PLR2): USA v. Benondre Maurice Hurey - REEVES
    10:30 am DETN HRG 3:14cr129 USA v. Bobby McKinney - Shirley
    11:00 am MOT HRG 3:14CR14 US V. CYNTHIA ROWE - GUYTON (M&M)
    11:30 am IA 3:10CR107 US V. FRANKLIN WELCH - SHIRLEY
    1:30 pm COP 3:13CR74 USA V CHAD MONEY - VARLAN (TV2)
    2:00 pm IA/ARR 3:14CR130 US V. JOSE MERCEDES-ACOSTA - GUYTON (FD P. Voss or FD B. Sharp) (TIP interpreter secured)