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    Today's Court Calendar

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    Knoxville Greeneville Chattanooga/Winchester
    File Created: September 30, 2016, 6:45:13 pm 1475240400 Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:00a
    9:00 am MOT HRG 3:15CV537 MCLAUGHLIN V. G2 ENGINEERING - SHIRLEY (Rebekah)
    10:00 am HSM RESENT 4:08-CR-20, 4:16-CV-65 EDDIE R. MASSEY
    10:00 am SKL BOND VIOL HRG VICKI HARDIN 1:12-CR-94 (Kelli) (Angel & Assoc.)
    10:00 am TRM SCH. CON. 2:16-CV-74 MERCER V. PACIFIC INDUS., INC.
    10:00 am SENT 3:15-CR-75: USA v. JAMON DOMINICK HOPPER - Reeves (Terri)
    10:30 am SKL SUPERV REL HRG MICAH D. MCMELLON 1:09-CR-66 (Kelli)(FD)
    10:30 am SKL SUPERV REL HRG JAMES NELSON CARTER 1:11:CR-32 (Kelli)(FD)
    10:30 am IA ON REV 311CR92 US V. KAJUAN YOUNG - SHIRLEY (FD P. Voss)
    11:00 am 2:13CR5010/5011(MCLC)MOT HRG- RONALD W ABRAM (DEFT REQD)
    12:30 pm SKL IA/ARR/DH AUQUINTUS CRAW 1:16-CR-106 (Kelli)(FD)
    1:30 pm MOT HRG 3:14CV554 AMERICAN BOOK CO. V. BIG LOTS - GUYTON (Terri)
    1:30 pm MOT HRG/PTC 3:15CR177 US V. MICHAEL BENANTI - SHIRLEY (Rebekah)
    1:30 pm Status Conf 3:13-cv-229/3:14-cv-296 Lowell et al v. Summer Bay Management, L.C. et al -REEVES (Truesdel & Rusk)
    2:00 pm *CANCELLED CHS Sch. Conf.1:15-CV-38 HYDE v GUY